DMA - direct marketing activity
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DMA is an interactive tool designed to help you manage all aspects of both past and present direct mail campaigns.
postage usage & reconciliation
gives you instant access to information regarding the mailing of your direct mail campaign.

Postage usage & reconciliation is an important component for your direct mail campaigns. This postage module enables you to view all postage-related aspects of your campaign including:
  • postage usage
  • postage deposits
  • postage balances
  • budget chargeback codes
  • direct mail references
  • contact person
You can sort according to any criteria for more accurate and timely reporting.
virtual warehouse
Ever wish you could check on your inventory without driving to a warehouse or picking up the phone? Now you can. We've created a virtual warehouse that gives you information on everything you've got in stock — from paper to produced pieces. And the best part is, you can access it anytime, online.

The virtual warehouse allows you to view all of your inventory online and includes:
  • a picture of a specific inventory item
  • present quantity in stock
  • inventory location
  • inventory earmarked by direct marketing campaign
You can also request inventory to be delivered to a specific location, set aside for pick-up, and provide instructions to discard all or part of inventory. The virtual warehouse gives you all the access you'll ever need to your direct marketing inventory.